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Features That Qualify Saltwater To A Best Coming Of Age Novel

Age Novel

The young woman attempting to find her place in the world is the heroine of Jessica Andrews’ first book Saltwater which was published in 2019. After moving from Sunderland to a university in London, where she struggles to blend in and make ends meet, Lucy escapes to her late grandfather’s Irish home after graduating. It is a typical coming-of-age story, but it also contains a very uncommon element in literary genre: a working-class heroine who was created by a young and working author.

Depiction of bravery

The novel is presented in numbered sections, a hip literary method that doesn’t always work. But in Saltwater, the fragments fit the protagonist’s youth since, despite the fact that the internet is not mentioned, Lucy belongs to a generation that was reared on social media, a platform that consists of short passages of text dedicated to self-exposure. The structure parallels the characteristics of memory at the same time. When it pertains to Lucy’s connection with her mother, the writing is occasionally uncomfortably honest. This brave work tackles sensitive topics like alcoholism, class, handicap, puberty, and relationships between mothers and daughters. There are uncomfortable truths, but there is no moping.

Handling problems

While anecdotes and stories from Lucy’s background assist to ease the stress of adolescence, the shortness of the parts assists in breaking up the emotional intensity. The strength of the book lies in Andrews’ vivid depictions of Lucy’s friends, family, and neighborhood, particularly those of her single mother, her completely deaf brother, and Lucy.

Maturity in deciding

The subjectivity of one young woman is the focus of the entire undertaking. There isn’t much conversation, but even though the interiority can become old at times, it’s worth it for the novel viewpoint. Lucy is well aware of the conflict between wanting to stay in your community and wanting to leave. The book will provide those who stay comfort in knowing they are not alone. Saltwater warns those who stay that life exists elsewhere, but that discovering it can rip your heart apart.

novel viewpoint

Attracts with simplicity

Saltwater is poetic and prickly, unfiltered and funny, full of emotion at moments while remaining distant. A complex non-chronological tale, it alternates between the present tense and the past tense and is presented in brief chapters that are never longer than three pages. The novel picture clearly on Lucy and her inner journey rather than being dialogue-driven. Because of Andrews’ outstanding descriptive skills, the interiority doesn’t grate. It interweaves Lucy’s past and present stories. As a young adult, Lucy experiences some awkwardness in her relationships, city, home, and physical appearance. Reminiscence for millennials is Saltwater. Its simplicity makes it attractive.

Eye-opening teen novel that you shouldn’t miss

Teen Novel

Teenagers who read novels have an increased capacity for empathy, a better understanding of themselves and others, and a higher sense of wellbeing, in addition to gains in reading and proficiency, creativity, vocabulary, and general information. Here are some mind-blowing suggestions for teen books.

Brandy Colbert’s Finding Yvonne

Brandy Colbert's Finding Yvonne

Yvonne has always had her dependable violin since she was seven years old. Yvonne must accept the harsh reality that, despite her years of hard work, she might not be qualified to enroll in the prestigious conservatory she has always wanted to attend as she approaches high school graduation. When her bond with her father becomes tense and she is filled with uncertainty about the future, Yvonne turns to Omar, a street musician and talented violinist, for solace. He is the antithesis of the trustworthy and dependable Warren, the boy she is in love with; he is mysterious and fascinating. When Yvonne discovers she’s pregnant suddenly, she is forced to make the hardest choice of her life.

Julie C. Dao’s Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

Xifeng is a gorgeous 18-year-old. If she accepts the darkness within of her, the stars predict that she will succeed as Empress of Feng Lu. Even though the witch Guma foretold Xifeng’s future, is the cost of the throne really worth it? Xifeng must reject the young guy who loves her and use the dark power she possesses in order to realise the glory that has been promised to her.

Stacey Lee’s The Downstairs Girl

Jo Kuan, a 17-year-old lady’s maid, works throughout the day for the daughter of one of Atlanta’s richest men. She writes “Dear Miss Sweetie,” a magazine opinion column for the refined Southern lady, at night. Jo challenges societal perceptions of race and gender as her column gets readership, but she is unprepared for the blowback. While adversaries try to learn Miss Sweetie’s secret identity, Jo embarks on a hunt for her past and the parents who deserted her when she was a kid after receiving a cryptic letter. Jo must determine whether the girl who stays in the shadows is prepared to come out into the light when she comes paths with Atlanta’s most notorious crook.

The Downstairs Girl

Mary McCoy’s I, Claudia

Don’t overlook this book; despite the unflattering cover image, it is a gripping high school historical and political drama that was named a Printz Honor Book. Anyone who enjoys political and psychological drama should read this novel. Claudia, a new historian, provides the narration. She describes how she gained control of the esteemed student government at her high school. Although Claudia has witnessed the injustices committed by her forebears, she nonetheless succumbs to the corruption of authority.

Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead: A Review

A Review

Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead written by Emily Austin speaks to the obvious fact about mortality but is a book that can be savored and enjoyed. It was published in the year 2021 and gained a tremendous response among readers.

A Framework of the novel

Gilda, a lesbian in her 20s who loves animals and is an agnostic, cannot stop thinking about dying. She responds to a poster for free treatment at a nearby Catholic church, eager for respite from her racing thoughts and estranged from her controlling family. Father Jeff greets her and assumes she is coming for an interview process. Gilda is quickly hired to take the place of the recently dead receptionist Grace because she is too ashamed to correct him. Gilda starts an email conversation with Grace’s old acquaintance while also trying to memorize the lines for Catholic mass, concealing the idea that she has a young and new girlfriend, and building a dirty dish tower in her run-down flat.

She can’t bear to tell her friend the bad news, but she also can’t tolerate ignoring the lovely old lady who has been attempting to contact her through the church mailbox. She starts emailing Grace in a desperate attempt to get help. However, when the authorities uncover strange circumstances surrounding Grace’s passing, Gilda might have to finally come clean about her embarrassing life.


The valiant masterpiece

The realistic fiction in this book can be refer to as “a day in the life.” It has nothing to do with unusual circumstances, a brand-new love, or altering lives. It’s just a person doing what they’ve always done to live, possibly while trying to get out of it. Gilda leads a frightening and limited life. Even though she is frequently so fatigued that she can hardly speak with the persons she cares about, she is continuously terrified of what others will think of her and of their rejection. She also has a continual obsession with death, as the title suggests. It’s bizarre, depressing, and frightening to view the community through Gilda’s eyes. But it’s also quite illuminating. Although Gilda is undoubtedly a neurotic outlier, her eccentricities and difficulties are incredibly relatable.

Emerges youth’s mind

The writer really compels the reader to look in the mirror and confront the anxieties and embarrassments that keep us from living fully each day. Gilda’s obsession with death is a prime example because it sustains her pursuit of the life she now has, which is almost absurd. The young teens will emerge from it with a determination to enjoy life to its fullest. The novel also distinguishes itself for its superb prose, enduring characters, and captivating setting!

Overall, this book may occasionally be uncomfortable to read owing to its somber subject matter, yet it is so instructive and significant that it is advised that everyone read it at least once!

Book Genres Loved by Teens

Book Genres

Young adults want to read books that are suited to their age and interest. Therefore, they want to save time by reading appropriate books. Therefore, parents need to understand what genres are appropriate for their teen children and try to find books that are geared toward teens. They should keep their minds open and explore genres that trigger the most positive reactions from teenagers. Here are some genres that teenagers like to read in their free time.

Young adult fiction

Young adult fiction is one of the most famous genres among teens. It features action-packed stories with magical creatures and fantastic worlds that teens will love. This subgenre also features self-published books, which account for 48% of sales worldwide. Fantasy books are another favorite genre for teens, with stories of wizards, fairies, and fantasy lands taking readers to enchanting places.

Social novel

Social novel

The Hate U Give, by YA author Sarah Dessen, has been on the New York Times bestseller index for over a year. It portrays the difference between life in a black neighborhood and that of a privileged white prep school, highlighting social justice issues and the need for empathy.


Another book that appeals to teens is the sci-fi trilogy Divergent, featuring five factions dividing society. The protagonist Tris Prior realizes that she does not fit into any of them and has to use her unique talents to save the entire society.


In addition to fiction books, there are also non-fiction books. Non-fiction books are now highly preferred by teens. Keeping this in mind, writers should consider writing in their favorite genres to increase sales and build a loyal fan base. They should avoid writing books that don’t allow teenagers to enjoy or are not entirely understandable to them. While this may seem like a waste of time, it will help them build a loyal readership and increase sales.


Another popular genre is romance. These novels focus on romantic relationships and have happy endings. They can take place in contemporary times, the past, or the paranormal world. The stories usually have a strong emotional narrative with obstacles and challenges to overcome in the quest for love. This genre reached its peak in the ’80s and is now making a comeback with new authors and stories.

Literary fiction


Memoir is another genre that teens widely prefer. Young adults have praised Holocaust survivor Anne Frank’s diary. While it’s not a YA novel, it has the same appeal and is an excellent choice for teenage readers. A book based on this memoir will spark discussions on coming of age, love, and friendship.

Literary fiction

Literary fiction is another genre loved by teenagers. While genre fiction is more widely read, literary fiction focuses on characters and stories that depict the human condition. Its authors have often won National Book Awards and Pulitzer Prizes. Genre fiction is more widely available and traditionally includes thrillers, horror, and fantasy.

The Finest Young Adult Romance Books You Should Never Miss

Adult Romance Books

Young adult romance novels are always interesting and fascinating to read. It frequently features enemies-to-lovers and friends-to-lovers tropes, and the action frequently takes place at school or during the summer. Some must-read books are:

The Fault in Our Stars

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars is arguably the best standalone book. It was first published in 2012. Hazel has been nothing other than a terminal, with her final chapter having been inscribed at diagnosis, despite the medical miracle of tumor-shrinking that has spared her a few years. But Hazel’s tale is about to become completely changed when a handsome named Augustus Waters shows up at Cancer Kid Support Group out of nowhere. The Fault in Our Stars is witty, audacious, outrageous, and raw. The hilarious, exhilarating, and tragic aspects of just being lively and in love are masterfully explored.

Love & Gelato

Love & Gelato

In this grand debut book by Jenna Evans Welch, summer in Italy becomes a road journey across Tuscany and is full of romance, intrigue, and adventure. The novel Love & Gelato was published in the year 2017. In lieu of traveling to Rome to carry out her mother’s final wish, Lina, a recent high school graduate, would prefer to spend her summer getting ready for college. She finds herself involved in new experiences once she makes the decision to leave.

The Sun Is Also a Star

The Sun Is Also a Star

A brilliant portrayal of humanity and the roles that love, fortune, opportunity, and destiny play including how our world develops around us can be found in Nicola Yoon’s The Sun Is Also a Star. It was first published in 2019. Natasha and David are two teens who are being followed in Sun during a time in their life when their actions are more important, their futures are unknown, and it seems as though everyone else is in control of their destiny but them. The day-long plot of the novel, which is set on the bustling New York City streets is told in an original way using different points of view. Nicola Yoon connects many stories to demonstrate how important the outside world is—even when it comes to our own tale.

My Life Next Door

my life next door book

The first book in Huntley Fitzpatrick’s “Stony Bay” series is titled My Life Next Door. It was published in the year 2013. It centers on a summer romance between Samantha Reed and Jase Garrett, two teenage neighbors. They maintain their love and relationship secretly as a result of coming from extremely diverse social and ethnic backgrounds and Samantha’s mother forbids her from interacting with Jase’s family. The fundamental idea of the novel is that real love will overcome all challenges. Samantha and Jase run into a number of issues. They conquered several obstacles as a group. Their concern for one another much aided.

Remarkable Books Written by Teen Authors


The Dairy of a Young Girl:

The Diary of a Young Girl is a book by Annie Frank during her teenage years. The real-life story of Annie Frank is set in the Nazi-ruled Netherlands and is one of the most precious and influential accounts of life during that time. Annie Frank kept a diary while she was hiding from the Nazis, who wanted to wipe out all Jewish people. Annie Frank eventually died in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp due to typhus, and the diary was published by her father, who was the only survivor of the family after WW2. The book makes the reader understand how simple things in life are so precious and important.

The Dairy

I am Malala:

‘I am Malala’ is the autobiographical account of a girl who stood against the Taliban for her education rights. Taliban is an extremely conservative Islamic group whose only aim is to prevent women from the public. The group is notorious for establishing and forcing their male chauvinistic ideas and patriarchy in the regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Malala was only 15 years old when she started her activism for educational rights for females. Her blog with the BBC made her the target of Taliban and gun attacks. Malala survived the attack, after which she continued her campaigns to raise awareness and guarantee free education to all children. She is the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, and her book still inspires millions toward change. The book educated the reader that one person can make enough change and no one is too young to make a difference in the world.


Frankenstein is an 1818 novel written by Mary Shelley when she was only 18 years old. The story is about the young scientist Victor Frankenstein who created a creature in an experiment. Frankenstein is disgusted by the creation, and he flees in horror. Eventually, he decides that the creature must die for the common good. The phrase ‘Frankenstein and his monster’ comes popularly from this teen novel. The irony is that Frankenstein himself is the monster, owing to his creation. Frankenstein is popularly regarded as the first science fiction story. The book inspires the reader to explore the responsibilities of a creator and scientists. The author tells the readers that not all creations or discoveries need to be in public; some of them are truly evil and should rather be hidden.

famous book

The Outsiders:

The Outsider is a famous book written by Susan Eloise Hinton when she was only 18 years old. It is a coming-of-age novel that discusses teenage school life. The story is set in Oklahoma and is about two rival gangs divided by social classes. The outstanding movie was adapted into movie and television series in the 1990s. The Outsiders is an honest portrayal of the situations in American high schools and contains strong language and graphic accounts of violence and substance abuse. The book was an immediate hit after publishing, as it was relatable to teenagers because the author wrote it during her teenage years.

Top 6 Best Books For Teenagers

Books For Teenagers

Teenagers and books are closely knit relationship that shapes their personality. One of the most important activities as a teenager is reading for pleasure. Reading books on various topics and authors can help young adults gain perspective on things and also shape their minds. Friends and family must encourage teens to read books, even if it’s just a page per day.

The more you read, the more you enjoy it, and the more you enjoy it, the more you will start reading – it’s a vicious cycle that can shape a teenager into a responsible adult and citizen.

If you wish to get started with reading, in this article, we have mentioned the top six books that will get you hooked right from page one.

The fault in our stars (2012)

This book by John Green is a crowd favorite. The book’s sales expanded after the movie’s release. The book highlights two main characters, Agustus Waters and Hazel Lancaster, and their struggles while suffering from cancer. It also depicts true love and friendship that can overcome unusual circumstances in life.

Dear Martin (2017)

Dear Martin by Nic Stone is a must-read in the literature circle. It opens the reader’s mind by educating about social discrimination, inequality, and many more stigmas of society. It talks about the story of a black teen McAllister, who faces racial profiling in society.

The Hobbit (1937)

This book by J.R.R. Tolkein is a classic fiction about hobbits, dwarves, middle-earth, etc. If you’re a lover of fantasy, then this is the right book to start. In this book, the lead character Bilbo Bagging undergoes various adventures that will change his life forever. It is also an excellent book for teenagers as it discusses friendship, sincerity, adventures, and many more topics.

Pride and Prejudice (1813)

Every book list contains Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, as it is arguably one of the best romance novels in the world of literature. This is a feminist book that opens the readers’ minds through a historical lens. The book talks about marriage and dating culture, which has also changed its course over the last few years.

Little Women (1868)

Little Women (1868)

This book by Louisa May Alcott is one of the best books to learn about a mother-daughter duo. The book circles around March and her sisters, who struggle with their daily hassles of personal duty, family, independence, etc. If you’re a woman and haven’t read this book, now is your time to grab one and lose yourself in their pages.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower(1999)

This book by Stephen Chbosky is a cult classic as it talks about the everyday struggles of teenagers. The book speaks about teenage struggles and touches on suicide, teenage pregnancy, and many other darker subjects that might open your mind to the right way of life!

Music Review- Top Genres For Teens

Genres For Teens

People of all generations love this art form. Although the type and genre of music vary from person to person, it is still one of the most loved art forms of all time. A recent study depicts how music affects teens and positively impacts their minds.

Music is a critical aspect of life for teenagers, and they are drawn to a specific genre based on their mood and personality. The impact of music on teenagers is so powerful that they are the target market for many artists, based on their level of perseverance and love for a particular genre. In this article, we have reviewed the top 5 music genres that teens love.

Electronic Dance Music

Popularly known as EDM, it has recently caught the attention of teenagers and young adults.

It is also called dance music and is mainly played in nightclubs. Although famous artists in the 80s introduced this form of music, they were embraced by the rise of club culture. They slowly gained popularity among the teens, with the increase in fame for rave culture in America. EDM music encourages even the shy ones to hit the dance floor and gives them a sense of freedom.

Rock Music

Rock Music

Pure rock music emerged in the late 50s and eventually gained traction for audiences, forcing it to transform into different styles. In the olden days, rock music was a way to showcase a different perspective on life and stay out of the norms of society. Even today, the evolution of rock music has been serving the same purpose. It is still famous among teens of this generation as it has energetic beats and is easily accessible via the internet.

Rap music

Rap is a significantly popular music genre among this generation’s teens. This form of music involves solid emotions and vocals with a backup beat. Although rap music’s association with lyrics related to drugs, sex, and women has created controversies, its worldwide acceptance has increased its demand, especially among teens.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop

This genre of music was introduced relatively recently in the late 70s but has still gained enough traction to reach the teens. Hip Hop artists generally create new forms of music with the already-existing tones. This new form of music helped with the growth of the Hip Hop genre and revolutionized modern music. Teens love this form of music due to its powerful expression that gives them a sense of belonging.


Lastly, pop music is a blend of fine arts and folk music that has surprisingly impressed teens and young adults for a long time. According to some reports, nearly 52 percent of US teens are engaged with pop music. Due to the catchy melody and beats, they are quickly grabbed by young adults and teens. Most top hits are associated with pop culture and pop music, which eases its reach to the teens.