Book Genres

Book Genres Loved by Teens

Book Genres

Young adults want to read books that are suited to their age and interest. Therefore, they want to save time by reading appropriate books. Therefore, parents need to understand what genres are appropriate for their teen children and try to find books that are geared toward teens. They should keep their minds open and explore genres that trigger the most positive reactions from teenagers. Here are some genres that teenagers like to read in their free time.

Young adult fiction

Young adult fiction is one of the most famous genres among teens. It features action-packed stories with magical creatures and fantastic worlds that teens will love. This subgenre also features self-published books, which account for 48% of sales worldwide. Fantasy books are another favorite genre for teens, with stories of wizards, fairies, and fantasy lands taking readers to enchanting places.

Social novel

Social novel

The Hate U Give, by YA author Sarah Dessen, has been on the New York Times bestseller index for over a year. It portrays the difference between life in a black neighborhood and that of a privileged white prep school, highlighting social justice issues and the need for empathy.


Another book that appeals to teens is the sci-fi trilogy Divergent, featuring five factions dividing society. The protagonist Tris Prior realizes that she does not fit into any of them and has to use her unique talents to save the entire society.


In addition to fiction books, there are also non-fiction books. Non-fiction books are now highly preferred by teens. Keeping this in mind, writers should consider writing in their favorite genres to increase sales and build a loyal fan base. They should avoid writing books that don’t allow teenagers to enjoy or are not entirely understandable to them. While this may seem like a waste of time, it will help them build a loyal readership and increase sales.


Another popular genre is romance. These novels focus on romantic relationships and have happy endings. They can take place in contemporary times, the past, or the paranormal world. The stories usually have a strong emotional narrative with obstacles and challenges to overcome in the quest for love. This genre reached its peak in the ’80s and is now making a comeback with new authors and stories.

Literary fiction


Memoir is another genre that teens widely prefer. Young adults have praised Holocaust survivor Anne Frank’s diary. While it’s not a YA novel, it has the same appeal and is an excellent choice for teenage readers. A book based on this memoir will spark discussions on coming of age, love, and friendship.

Literary fiction

Literary fiction is another genre loved by teenagers. While genre fiction is more widely read, literary fiction focuses on characters and stories that depict the human condition. Its authors have often won National Book Awards and Pulitzer Prizes. Genre fiction is more widely available and traditionally includes thrillers, horror, and fantasy.

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