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Tips on How to Write a Music Review

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A music review is an opinion or impression of the author on a piece of music. Follow the tips below to create an objective and reliable music review.

Listen: Before starting your music review, you need to listen to the music at least twice. First, note down your initial thoughts and feelings that come to your mind. Then, once you have noted down all the points, write a summary based on this. While listening to the song, make sure to analyze each word of the song. And also, try to understand the mood that it is creating.

Research: After listening, you need to research the music. Go through the interviews of the artists and articles related to the music you are reviewing. You can also review other music reviews to familiarize yourself with music writing.

Understand the context: Look into the music genre and learn about the artist’s background. Then, see if the song resembles any other piece in the genre and compare it to the artist’s previous work.

Be objective: Even if you dislike the artist or do not have a high opinion of the genre, try to remove all the biases and prejudices to develop a quality review.

Use these tips to write an honest and in-depth music review.


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