A Review

Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead: A Review

A Review

Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead written by Emily Austin speaks to the obvious fact about mortality but is a book that can be savored and enjoyed. It was published in the year 2021 and gained a tremendous response among readers.

A Framework of the novel

Gilda, a lesbian in her 20s who loves animals and is an agnostic, cannot stop thinking about dying. She responds to a poster for free treatment at a nearby Catholic church, eager for respite from her racing thoughts and estranged from her controlling family. Father Jeff greets her and assumes she is coming for an interview process. Gilda is quickly hired to take the place of the recently dead receptionist Grace because she is too ashamed to correct him. Gilda starts an email conversation with Grace’s old acquaintance while also trying to memorize the lines for Catholic mass, concealing the idea that she has a young and new girlfriend, and building a dirty dish tower in her run-down flat.

She can’t bear to tell her friend the bad news, but she also can’t tolerate ignoring the lovely old lady who has been attempting to contact her through the church mailbox. She starts emailing Grace in a desperate attempt to get help. However, when the authorities uncover strange circumstances surrounding Grace’s passing, Gilda might have to finally come clean about her embarrassing life.


The valiant masterpiece

The realistic fiction in this book can be refer to as “a day in the life.” It has nothing to do with unusual circumstances, a brand-new love, or altering lives. It’s just a person doing what they’ve always done to live, possibly while trying to get out of it. Gilda leads a frightening and limited life. Even though she is frequently so fatigued that she can hardly speak with the persons she cares about, she is continuously terrified of what others will think of her and of their rejection. She also has a continual obsession with death, as the title suggests. It’s bizarre, depressing, and frightening to view the community through Gilda’s eyes. But it’s also quite illuminating. Although Gilda is undoubtedly a neurotic outlier, her eccentricities and difficulties are incredibly relatable.

Emerges youth’s mind

The writer really compels the reader to look in the mirror and confront the anxieties and embarrassments that keep us from living fully each day. Gilda’s obsession with death is a prime example because it sustains her pursuit of the life she now has, which is almost absurd. The young teens will emerge from it with a determination to enjoy life to its fullest. The novel also distinguishes itself for its superb prose, enduring characters, and captivating setting!

Overall, this book may occasionally be uncomfortable to read owing to its somber subject matter, yet it is so instructive and significant that it is advised that everyone read it at least once!

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