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Poems are compelling and can portray human emotions and feeling precisely and beautifully. They have the power to change one’s perspective of the world and transform their life completely. No matter who you are or what all you have gone through in the past, your perspective is what stops you from achieving happiness and peace of mind. So let’s delve into some transformational poems that can change your life and mind.

What life should be by Pat A. Fleming: Even though written by an amateur poet, the poem reminds us of the real meaning of life and how it is supposed to be. It reminds us that it is very easy to get discouraged and disappointed, but then there will be simple moments like a talk to a friend that can change your mood entirely. The poems make us realize that it is very easy to make things complicated, but all we need to do is love and understand and wait for things to fall into their place.

If by Rudyard Kipling: Life is challenging by nature. You will have to face physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional hurdles in various phases of life. But the poem encourages us to endure and rise above the problem we face.

Risk by Anais NIN: Using a flower as a metaphor, it explains to the reader that complacency is more painful than the risk you take. The poem asks the readers to take action and make the change no matter how risky it is.

Read these poems and reflect on your life, to redeem your smile and hope.

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