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How to Write a Short Story: The Complete Guide in 9 Steps

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Writing a short story is challenging; within a few paragraphs, you will have to develop characters and incidents that lead to a climax and resolve the conflict. However, you can follow these steps to build an interesting short story.

Pitch an idea: The first step is to have an exciting idea on which you can build the story. You can take inspiration from real-life events or stories your grandparents told you.

Choose a Point of view: Then decide whether your character will tell the story (1st person narrative) or is someone else going to tell the story (3rd person narrative). Finally, decide through whose eye the story is going to unravel.

Develop your protagonist: Create a living and breathing character. Write down everything about them, including their likes, inner fears, earliest memories, etc.

Create a conflict: Make sure to include conflict in your story. The conflict can be of various types; conflict with self, with others, or with society and beliefs.

Develop the plot: Plots are the series of events that happen in your story. Remember that the storyline should be unique and exciting if you want the readers to keep reading your story.

Follow these steps to create an engaging and exciting short story.

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