Genres For Teens

Music Review- Top Genres For Teens

Genres For Teens

People of all generations love this art form. Although the type and genre of music vary from person to person, it is still one of the most loved art forms of all time. A recent study depicts how music affects teens and positively impacts their minds.

Music is a critical aspect of life for teenagers, and they are drawn to a specific genre based on their mood and personality. The impact of music on teenagers is so powerful that they are the target market for many artists, based on their level of perseverance and love for a particular genre. In this article, we have reviewed the top 5 music genres that teens love.

Electronic Dance Music

Popularly known as EDM, it has recently caught the attention of teenagers and young adults.

It is also called dance music and is mainly played in nightclubs. Although famous artists in the 80s introduced this form of music, they were embraced by the rise of club culture. They slowly gained popularity among the teens, with the increase in fame for rave culture in America. EDM music encourages even the shy ones to hit the dance floor and gives them a sense of freedom.

Rock Music

Rock Music

Pure rock music emerged in the late 50s and eventually gained traction for audiences, forcing it to transform into different styles. In the olden days, rock music was a way to showcase a different perspective on life and stay out of the norms of society. Even today, the evolution of rock music has been serving the same purpose. It is still famous among teens of this generation as it has energetic beats and is easily accessible via the internet.

Rap music

Rap is a significantly popular music genre among this generation’s teens. This form of music involves solid emotions and vocals with a backup beat. Although rap music’s association with lyrics related to drugs, sex, and women has created controversies, its worldwide acceptance has increased its demand, especially among teens.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop

This genre of music was introduced relatively recently in the late 70s but has still gained enough traction to reach the teens. Hip Hop artists generally create new forms of music with the already-existing tones. This new form of music helped with the growth of the Hip Hop genre and revolutionized modern music. Teens love this form of music due to its powerful expression that gives them a sense of belonging.


Lastly, pop music is a blend of fine arts and folk music that has surprisingly impressed teens and young adults for a long time. According to some reports, nearly 52 percent of US teens are engaged with pop music. Due to the catchy melody and beats, they are quickly grabbed by young adults and teens. Most top hits are associated with pop culture and pop music, which eases its reach to the teens.

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