Must-Read Novel

Why Fangirl Is A Must-Read Novel?

Must-Read Novel

Teenagers everywhere should read Fangirl. The novel was written by Rainbow Rowell and was published in 2013. It covers a wide range of topics. It involves taking better care of your family, managing your freedom responsibly, developing emotional independence, finding new friends, having faith in other people, and a whole lot more. Here are some reasons that Fangirl is a must-read novel:

The novel outline

Wren and Cath, two twin girls who have come of age with a highly busy father and without a mother, are the subject of the novel Fangirl. Being an introvert, Cath is happy to exist in her own online and literary universe. She likes and admires her sister, who serves as her best friend. Before they regrettably had to leave their familiar environment because they were going to college, their existence together was all unicorns and rainbows. Both girls tackle this circumstance in quite different ways: one is receptive and open-minded, while the other is a little insecure and not all that taken with the idea.

Coincides with the reality


Every Fangirl will encounter situations like the ones these two females are in. Not only fangirls, but also regular people who have a hard time adjusting to strange, foreign environments It is a typical phase of adolescence. It results from going through adolescence as a teenager and succeeding at it. Not everything is as simple as it seems. Before genuinely growing up, everyone experiences anxiety, awkwardness, peer pressure, and other problems. This book by Rowell covers a wide range of topics, which elevates it to literary greatness. Nobody is alone, she says; it’s entirely normal and okay for people to preserve their childlike personalities as they mature physically and get past being awkward.

Creates connection

Anyone who experiences any form of difficulty should read this book. This book will appeal to adults as well as teens because it raises knowledge of typical teenage responses to a variety of situations. Parents of teenagers who are transitioning into adulthood should read this book as well. Everyone obviously does not think alike, yet this book’s overarching theme educates a variety of lessons. Many people can connect to the young girl’s perspective in this. Naturally, this novel has some truth. It is astonishing that current young adult book will serve as your personal survival manual.

Teaches your life lessons

Readers are very quickly made aware of the possibility of either good or harmful change. In either case, this book will make you aware of something new, and teenagers may discover new things about themselves or the world around them. It also teaches us that, even when your own sister rejects you, it’s okay to remain who we are and not change for anyone else. Remember that happiness is the ultimate objective of life; do not sacrifice your happiness to pretend to be someone you are not.

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